Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Fun on my Mountain


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I took this picture today at sunrise. When I downloaded it, look at what appeared! And this is at daybreak, not at night! Tonight, it will be mostly clear and I hope to see Mars. Last night, it was as orange as a pumpkin thanks to the dust storms there. I wonder if the Mars Rovers are OK? I know that dust storms ruined at least one car of mine in Arizona, years ago.

Here in upstate NY, we have snow storms and the cars rust a lot thanks to that. I suppose, it is worse, in that regard, here.

Enjoy your Halloween, everyone, and keep the candy bowl wells stocked! On our mountain, we get no trick or treaters. The hike is long and steep and very dark and the oak and maples lining the road makes it look inviting only if you are Jack the Ripper, a werewolf or Karl Rove.

I'll tell the dogs to keep vigilant.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Bush Explains Plamegate


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush falls back on daddy's and Reagan's handling of treasonous or Nixon's criminal excuses. They worked then and he hopes the old magic will work today. Out of the loop!

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Friday, October 07, 2005


From Rockman EXE online

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sony has a little message for portable game fanatics, so since I know one it is...
From Macworld:
PlayStation Portable users looking to modify their gaming system so it can run software that has not been approved by Sony Corp. may find themselves running nothing at all. Ever.

According to researchers at security vendor Symantec Corp. a new Trojan program, called, Trojan.PSPBrick, has begun circulating on online gaming sites. Once installed, the software will delete important system files in version 2.0 of the PlayStation Portable’s firmware, turning the hand-held games into inoperable machines, called “bricks” by gamers.

The Trojan masquerades as a nifty software hack that can be used to disable the PlayStation Portable’s software protection mechanism, said Dean Turner, senior manager with Symantec’s Security Response team. “Once a user installs that Trojan, it deletes four critical files from the machine and a message comes up that says, ‘Your PSP 2.0 is hacked, please reboot.’”

Without the system files, however, the PlayStations simply cannot be restarted, he said.
Of course, this little news tidbit is for someone I see rather frequently. All the kids who own these systems like to fiddle with them and some people take cynical advantage of this so this is an alert concerning such hackware.

Proprietary businesses are also making it harder to fiddle with things which always is a problem, this anti-open source impulse. Unlike many of us adults who are leery of even clicking on simple stuff, our kids are computer players who like to mess with it and change things around, a restless and I think, a good thing, this desire to play with things and alter them is a sign of intelligence and liveliness which is much better than passive receptionistic lifestyles.

Tinkering lies very close to the heart of being a technological power. Cut this off and the limbs used for creation wither and die.
Symantec rates the attack a Category 1 threat, its least serious rating. The company has heard of no confirmed cases of PlayStation Portables being taken down with the software, Turner said.
Heh. Not an orange alert, a measly green alert?

It is amusing that Google picked this out to feature today. So I might as well relay it if for no other reason than to amuse someone close by.

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