Tuesday, August 16, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

According to the news, the man singing here is "Songman Callahan" and he is singing patriotic songs attacking Cindy for putting up those crosses bearing the names of dead soldiers.

&spades He has a cross saying "million dead" so we assume this refers to the dead in all our wars, no?

&spades He should realize a million dead is an awful lot of people dead, no?

&spades He is alive. This means he hasn't made any real sacrifices.

&spades He is within the age bracket of people who could be fighting in Iraq but he is at home harrassing the Gold Star mothers who lost sons and daughters in Iraq.

&spades He is doing what they are doing, reminding people how many humans died fighting in wars.

&spades He neglected to put up a cross for the many more millions of dead civilians from just this last century's wars.

&spades You can bet, he probably did the vulture routine in Florida over the dying brain dead woman, too.

These sorts love to ape patriotism and love of life but they really hate living people and are egomaniacs with a political bent, just what the right wing screamers scream about Cindy. Typical of them to accuse their victims of doing what they do themselves.

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